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At Kumquat, we believe that the financial consumer obtains little value from the canned products offered by the financial supermarket companies regardless of how much personality the selling broker exhibits. Although they tout the convenience of a one stop financial store, the reality of higher costs, conflicts of interest and an incomplete wealth management process often leave clients disappointed.

We believe financial consumers deserve better and we’re here to deliver it.

On a foundation of comprehensive financial planning, Kumquat helps clients identify priorities and quantify goals so that its clients can understand their financial reality and focus their wealth. Once a realistic financial frame of reference is in place, Kumquat provides clients with multiple methods to accomplish their wealth goals while identifying the method that leads to the best comprehensive outcome. Using a risk managed, total return, dynamic-allocation investment management model, Kumquat delivers cutting-edge post-modern portfolio solutions anchored in financial security to its clients. If it seems a little much, don’t worry, we do the heavy lifting for you.