KumQuat with a Little Green Leaf


Financial Planning:

True financial planning moves well beyond the retail mega-firms’ modular planning software and into comprehensive integration of all liquid and illiquid assets as well as all liabilities while considering each client’s unique risk management needs. We deliver real solutions built from a wholistic evaluation framework that provide a method to measure financial success.

Fee based Advisory:

Some financial needs don’t require a long engagement, like evaluating which company benefit plan to select, whether to lease or buy or even development of an investment policy statement for a trust. In these cases, an hourly fee or a project fee may be what’s needed. We can provide insightful financial advice that meets your needs.


Risk comes in many forms and recognizing and managing it is wise. But, it’s often hard to understand and prioritize risk as well as determining how best to manage it. We can help you understand the financial risks you are exposed to and help you develop an appropriate risk management plan that supports your financial goals and values.


Many investors do not have the necessary skills or interest to manage their assets directly. For those who desire a professional third party manager, we will use our proprietary process to handle your wealth management needs. Both fee based and commission based investment management structures can be accomodated.


Benefit plans can be confusing and expensive and take an inordinate amount of time to properly manage. We can work with you to determine the best suite of benefits to meet your goals, help you with an RFP and the selection of vendor and develop and implement with you a fiduciary management plan.


Financial consumers most often don’t have the expertise to understand the value they receive or don’t receive from the financial services they utilize. This commonly leads to the consumer overpaying for what they get. We can help you evaluate your situation in order to determine if a fee analysis would make sense. We can help you understand the fees you are paying to your current financial services company and help you understand if you are getting good value for your money or not. Being insiders, we can also help you negotiate appropriate fees as we know the true cost of the service being provided.


Fiduciary standards and best practices continue to change and conformance can be confusing. We provide services tailored to fiduciaries that help them execute their duties. Services include asset allocation analysis and recommendations, investment policy statements, fee-analysis reports and recommendations as well as investment and investment menu analysis and recommendations. We also provide fiduciary training and CEFEX certification for investment fiduciaries in conformance with ISO standards in conjunction with The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC.