Many financial consumers view the super-sized, mass advice financial companies with distrust, disappointment and resignation. Their experience of having an endless series of cross-sold consumer products and sales ideas of the month pushed their way has left them wondering, who’s interest is really first? In considering the companies, it can seem like the choices are limited to marginal differences, so a relationship decision is often made simply on the personality of the local sales person. The mega-companies‘ mass delivery of their chocolate, vanilla or strawberry options has left many doubting their current strategy and deeply concerned about their financial security. But, the options seem as limited as choosing between a Granny Smith or a Pink Lady apple, slightly different taste but still apples. What can one do in an apples to apples world? Pick a different fruit.

At Kumquat, we move beyond the stale delivery of mass advice to vibrant personalized planning and execution. While bringing exceptional expertise to the table, we also bring tools and solutions the mega-brokers don’t. Our wealth management philosophy and methodology is unique and focused on providing better outcomes for our clients. We enjoy working with clients who recognize that wealth is not an end in itself but is a means to an end. Our clients want their wealth to reflect their values and we work with them to set goals and deliver a comprehensive plan to ensure it does. We understand that our clients are more interested in living their lives than being tied to the grind of wealth management. But, to be free from this burden, we also understand that our clients need a partner they can trust who will deliver pro-active, comprehensive, consistent solutions. At Kumquat, we’re concentrated on you.

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